You have to use SPACE to  START/ACTS  levels and the arrow keys to move LEFT and RIGHT


There is a peculiar town that has a law that says that if you live there you have to follow a tradition every sort of time. At this point of time in the village you have to dress like the Mayor says. Louie its passing by the town and he found out this weird situation.. He doesn't like it at all so he decide no to follow the rules and stay truth to himself. The people from the village saw that Louie doesn't follow the rules so they decide to teach him in their OWN WAY how to follow the tradition of the town. Objective: You are Louie and you have to stay truth to your ideal so run as fast as you can and avoid the attacks from the neighbours find the exit and leave the town as soon as possible.

Based on: Caracas Game Jam 2016 game called "A Town called"


A Town 11 MB

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